Flash Assignment

I am extremely anxious about the Flash assignment we have been given. Though I have by no means started it or foresee starting it for at least another week or two, I have read through the brief and to me, it sounds really difficult.
I have said in lots of these blog posts that I get a little anxious around unfamiliar technology and I think that Flash seems the most difficult -to-grasp application I have come across in this course.
I have tried the lab sheets but i really need to go over them again. I also looked at a the examples Darina gave us of previous Flash projects but they have made me feel even worse as they look so great!
Even though I cannot start this project yet (due to other deadlines), I have realised that I need to start practising Flash NOW, in order to be comfortable enough to attempt this assignment whenever I do.
I have looked through tutorials and videos to try to hone in on any which may help and have come across a few:

When we had the Dreamweaver assignment, I had feelings of apprehension there also, though not as much as with Flash. But, I have to remind myself that once I start putting in the practise I will inevitably feel better, as I did with Dreamweaver. The one thing I like about the assignment, is the specificity of it. Usually, I prefer freedom of choice and creativity but in unfamiliar and scary territory I think strict requirements are better!

I will also be availing of the Sulis discussion thread to ask Flash-related questions. These threads are so beneficial and handy, and are a great supportive resource to have.