Final Post – Reflection On This Blog

This is my final post so I think I will just talk about my experience with writing this blog.

When we first received this blog assignment, I was slightly confused as to what the point specifically was ie: was it to help us reflect or was it to highlight what we have learned so far or was it to communicate with each other? I now think that it was basically all 3, perhaps more so to allow us reflection on our learning.

I have enjoyed the experience but not really for reasons of my own learning reflections. Though I found it cathartic at times to write out my thoughts if I felt confused or anxious about a project, the main thing I have gained from it is the fantastic method it has provided for communicating with peers, garnering feedback and help/advice and the ability to browse through other students blogs and see what their experiences were.

There have been several times I have picked up useful tips, felt reassured that others were having problems and it wasn’t ‘just me’ and found it generally interesting to read about experiences that differed from mine and understanding why.

Overall, I think it was a great assignment, very beneficial and enjoyable!


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  1. John Rainsford
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 16:24:55

    You had a nice blog Katrina. Keep it up for another while and give me another few posts as well (:-0


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