Flash Assignment

I am extremely anxious about the Flash assignment we have been given. Though I have by no means started it or foresee starting it for at least another week or two, I have read through the brief and to me, it sounds really difficult.
I have said in lots of these blog posts that I get a little anxious around unfamiliar technology and I think that Flash seems the most difficult -to-grasp application I have come across in this course.
I have tried the lab sheets but i really need to go over them again. I also looked at a the examples Darina gave us of previous Flash projects but they have made me feel even worse as they look so great!
Even though I cannot start this project yet (due to other deadlines), I have realised that I need to start practising Flash NOW, in order to be comfortable enough to attempt this assignment whenever I do.
I have looked through tutorials and videos to try to hone in on any which may help and have come across a few:

When we had the Dreamweaver assignment, I had feelings of apprehension there also, though not as much as with Flash. But, I have to remind myself that once I start putting in the practise I will inevitably feel better, as I did with Dreamweaver. The one thing I like about the assignment, is the specificity of it. Usually, I prefer freedom of choice and creativity but in unfamiliar and scary territory I think strict requirements are better!

I will also be availing of the Sulis discussion thread to ask Flash-related questions. These threads are so beneficial and handy, and are a great supportive resource to have.


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  1. Shane O'Donnell
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 22:55:31

    Thanks for the links Katrina. Excellent as always. I share your apprehension; but if some kids can manage Flash (which they do), then we can too! At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Also, Adobe have some online tutorials which may be of help when the time comes. Granted, they’re not for CS3, but I’m led to believe that the interface hasn’t changed all that much: http://tv.adobe.com/channel/how-to/


    • el6082katrina
      Apr 05, 2011 @ 16:19:35

      Thanks Shane, I know, what is it about kids and picking up technology so fast?? I’m sure I’ll be okay, it’s just with lots of assignments on the go at once it’s hard to not panic a little. Are you downloading the latest version of Flash or the one we have been using in labs? I wonder how different they are, must check that out…


  2. davidel6082
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 09:42:46

    With the time constraints I am certainly worried about this assignment a little as well. I seem to differ in my opinion of the software somewhat from others. Taking into account the use of software in the lab sessions, I actually prefer using Flash to Dreamweaver. I find Flash more intuitive. Whatever it is about div’s and CSS it took me a long time to get my head around them! To be honest this was something I was unfamiliar with as I’d brand myself a pretty quick learner. These are just a few CS3 videos I found, like Shane, from Adobe Tv.


    If you find that you are advancing then these videos are a big help


    They are long winded, I watched a few of them one night before I fell of to sleep. I found them very helpful to understand the workings of Flash and how to accomplish complex tasks simply using the software


    • el6082katrina
      Apr 05, 2011 @ 16:05:52

      Thanks David! I found Dreamweaver difficult also, but I think its the concept of Flash that I am not used to, if that makes sense? As much as I was unfamiliar with Dreamweaver, I was familiar with webpages therefore I at least understood the possibilities and scope of designing websites. Whereas with Flash, its totally new to me. Thanks for the links, I’ll will be using them for sure!


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