For our interview assignment we are required to create a presentation using Adobe Captivate.
I initially thought that Captivate was used purely to create presentations (of a quite conventioanl nature). I understood that it was similar to a more dynamic form of Microsoft Powerpoint.

However, I am amazed at the capabilities and creative potential that Captivate allows. I also think that considering the broad range of possible actions that it allows, it is relatively easy to use. Not EASY in actual terms, but easy in relation to what it can produce.

I am still trying to learn the process but I am really intrigued by it and what it could potentially do for my Dissertation Project. I will be creating an E-Learning cours on visual merchandising so my course will rely very heavily on visual and interactive content and I think captivte could certainly help with this particularly in terms of creating learning objects as it also integrates with Flash.

The one thing I find difficult is the TIMING aspects. This is purely because timing is a dimension which is totally new to me in terms of technical processes and it is something I have never had to consider or implement before.

Similar to Audacity but on a much more complex scale, the TIMING of the slides and all objects/captions is a defining factor in the output of using these applications. It is a very new and quite challenging concept for me and one that is taking a while to get used to! I will definitely be availing of internet tutorial videos to learn how to use this tool effectively.


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  1. Shane O'Donnell
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 23:20:52

    Hi Katrina. What version of Captivate did you download?


    • el6082katrina
      Apr 04, 2011 @ 20:51:12

      I had downloaded version CS5 (I think??), but I think CS3 is the one we are supposed to download as it is the one we have done lab sheets on, right? My laptop has since completely broken, so I may have to rely on the on-campus computers to do the captivate assignment 😦


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