WordPress V. Dreamweaver

We have decided to use wordpress to develop our site instead of dreamweaver. this is based on one team members really positive experience with using wordpress to build a website.

I have not used wordpress for this, nor have I really gone beyond lab sheets on Dreamweaver as yet. So, I wonder which is better?

Of course, WordPress is a Content Management System whereas Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG Website Development Tool, but does that make a real difference for the purposes of this project?

With wordpress you have to write your own code but Dreamweaver does this for you.
Wordpress seems a lot easier to grasp from a beginners point of view and has so many plug-ins readily available (though you would be limited creatively in terms of going outside the realm of what these would allow).
Dreamweaver certainly would allow for more creativity in this way, but is that necessary for this project??


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