Visual Aesthetics In User Interface-How Important Is It?

Now that our team has had a couple of meetings, we are really getting down to the specifics of our website design concept. As per the assignment brief and project specifications, the website clearly must have a high level of usability and accessibility from the users perspective and key aims centre on encouraging user participation and interaction. Clearly then , when attempting to garner interest and motivation within the average citizen of which diverse demographics are a given, visual appeal and accessibility are two extremely important factors.

While accessibility in content can be achieved through writing style and language, what about visual appeal? In my opinion, the average person (particularly the younger population) are not going to be generally interested unless the content is presented in the most visually dynamic and interesting way possible.

In an article on Visual Decision Making, “research shows that website users are powerfully influenced by aesthetics, and that positive perceptions of order, beauty, novelty, and creativity increase the user’s confidence in a site’s trustworthiness and usability. Recent design writing and interface research illustrate how visual design and user research can work together to create better user experiences on the web: experiences that balance the practicalities of navigation with aesthetic interfaces that delight the eye and brain. In short: there’s lots of evidence that beauty enhances usability” (Lynch 2009).

I think that for this particular project visual aesthetics are a vital element.

For full article see:


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