Heutagogy, not Pedagogy

Heutagogy is the study of self-determined learning and is a reinterpretation or expansion of andgragogy. Heutagogy places specific emphasis on ‘learning how to learn, double-loop learning, universal learning opportunities, a non-linear process and true learner self-firection’. For this reason, I find it a very effective word to describe the changing nature of E-learning courses and its emphasis on learner-centred approaches, and the potentional in ICTs to create new learning cultures.  I think that in particular it is a suitable term to describe an ‘inclusive’ approach to learning, where those new to learning or those reluctant to engage in conventional learning and  have preconceived (undesirable) notions of what learning usually entails, are included in a very humanistic sense.

In countries such as Australia, who have traditionally been more engaged with flexible learning than others, research is underway as to how “young learners can engage with new technologies, and how technology can act as an enabler for youth disengaged from traditional learning approaches” http://kt.flexiblelearning.net.au/tkt2010/?page_id=499.

This article is part of the E-Journal ‘the knowledge tree’ (see blogroll for link), which is a great source of articles on e-learning and innovative educational technologies. I recommmend.


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